Place of Workship, Child Care, Club & Boarding Houses

  1. 1.8m 16 Rooms Boarding House, Bruce Street, Kingsford NSW
  2. 2.0m 16 Rooms Boarding House, Cooper Street, Strathfield NSW
  3. 2.5m Yi Ru Temple, Victoria Street, Smithfield NSW
  4. 0.8m Mytilenian Brotherhood Of Sydney Club House Extension, Canterbury Road, Canterbury NSW
  5. 0.50 Alteration & Addition of Childcare Centre, Hannam Street, Bradwell Valley NSW
  6. 0.3m Alteration & Addition of Childcare Centre, Banksia Ave, Endagine NSW
  7. 0.75m Proposed Childcare, Curtis Road, Chester Hill NSW 2162
  8. St. Peters Anglican Church, Cordeaux Street, Campbelltown NSW
  9. Broughton Anglican College & St Peter's Anglican Primary School, Campbelltown NSW 2560
  10. 16m Proposed Prayer Hall/IDCA Building, Chisholm Road, Auburn NSW